Three Quick Tips About Comic Book Conventions

Though a major event presently, many men and women will wonder about the beginnings of Comic Con. Grabbing fans around the world, the conference fills up rapidly and is usually packed with enthusiasts along with stars. Comic Con arose in San Diego in The early 70’s when a group of science fiction lovers gathered to create the very first comic convention.


The big event began as a one day expo inside the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego. The only two significant guests were Forrest Ackerman as well as Mike Royer and so only One hundred individuals attended. However, the objective of this convention was really to acquire funds and interest for a bigger comic book convention. The first event was considered successful and resulted in a 3 day Comic Con which was hosted in August in the same year. Far more notable guests had been there such as Ray Bradbury and Jack Kirby. In spite of this, this conference still only experienced small crowds. About 300 attendees came to the conference held in the basement. A few of the top features of that first Comic Con were a sellers room, programs, film screenings, as well as panels. What made the event famous though, was that it set the stage for every Comic Con.


From it’s inception, the creators sought to be a comprehensive group. Not only attempting to include comic books, they also wanted to recognize other parts of the arts that they appreciated. Films as well as science fiction literature were also integrated. Growing in size every year, the Comic Con moved towards the Convention and Performing Arts Center in 1979 an stayed there till 1991. They now are at the San Diego Convention Center each year.

As anybody who has attended knows, the occasion can’t be confined to a single building. Attendance has grown to over a hundred thousand so the creators have taken on satellite locations. Local hotels and outside parks will have individual applications as a part from the event also. The impact of these changes are that Comic Con takes on a campus-type feel general.

Significant Conventions:

Expect to see the total convention experience at Comic Con. An enormous exhibit hall can take hours to view. The programming schedule grows every year and had almost 700 events in 2014. Nevertheless, Comic Con offers something for every fan. From comics, workshops, and educational or academic programming, individuals from all walks of life come with each other to enjoy the conference. You will find even costume competitions and portfolio reviews for budding artists. Major companies eagerly come to Comic Con, searching for fresh talent.

Awards Shows:

Comic Con features the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards that is the equivalent from the Oscars for comic books. The Eisners are situated at a gala occasion every year and it is regarded as an enormous honor to win one of these events. The Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Awards is a comparable event which recognizes retailers who support the comics medium.

Although many people have not visited Comic Con, the event has had an enormous development spurt because its humble beginnings four decades ago. Nearly anybody who enjoys the arts will find some thing at the event to appreciate.

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