Things You Should Know About Shokugeki No Soma

I’ll try and make this review somewhat short, there will be minor spoilers throughout, but nothing that can ruin the show. Shokugeki no Souma is in essence a battle shounen, but without real physical fighting it is about food. That may seem odd, but that is really what it is, we’ve got a cocky lead character who’s determined to be the greatest or become stronger, and to do thus he to battle many foes and scale the ranks. Now, for an anime about food it might looks bizarre to have this style of storytelling, but it actually works for this series and makes for a enjoyable to watch show. I had a lot of fun seeing this show, but of course I have some problems. Firstly, although I like our primary character I believe hes a little TOO good at everything. What I mean by that is he starts off the show very good, and with the exceptions of a few times he is always on top. Therefore, he doesn’t develop much over the show and there is little to no relatability, he’s no flaws, except for possibly his cockiness. Additionally in the beginning there’s extremely significant foreshadowing that romance will likely be introduced, and it is debatable that this aspect was investigated a bit, but actually that went nowhere. Apart from that it was quite interesting to watch and I loved viewing the reactions of individuals when tasting tasty food.

Story 7/10- Nothing very first, but the show didn’t duplicate the principal shounen like battle formula for all of it, there were some smaller arcs in the show that provided a pleasant change of pace. Learn more detailed information on by visiting this site.

Artwork 8/10- It was well animated and I didn’t discover any falls in quality, the fan service was a bit over the top occasionally, and even though I enjoyed it 😉 I still believed it was a bit too much at times.

Sound 7/10- Again, it was great, but I can not think of any song that sticks out, except possibly the first op.

Character 9/10- The characters are where I got most of my enjoyment from the show, they were interesting to watch, although most were under-developed.

Enjoyment 9/10- Watching how the judges would react to tasting the food was quite entertaining to see, and overall the series was a great time. Read more in-depth articles about Food War on this website.

Complete 8/10- While not the most original, and certain aspects were lacking I found this anime to be really entertaining to observe, and a wonderful time complete.

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