Successful Futures Despite Filing Bankruptcy

Many Great People Have Used Bankruptcy Prior to Their Successes:

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Filing for bankruptcy can give you a fresh financial start. I live near Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and with two small kids, I would consider myself a regular at the “Mouse’s House.” Many people are unaware that Walt Disney used the bankruptcy laws to get his financial affairs in order prior to creating the dynasty that Disney has become today.

Bankruptcies Are More Common Than You Think:

Especially in today’s Economy:

Filing for bankruptcy was once considered an albatross or an unspeakable event that happened only to the financially reckless and careless. Once the housing market, stock market, and business environment took a horrible downturn in 2008 filing for bankruptcy protection became the saving answer to many financial woes.

If you have declared bankruptcy in the past or have recently come to the conclusion that bankruptcy is the only viable solution to your dire situation you are not alone. Disney is not the only person to use the laws prior to going on to wonderful financial successes in life. Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy three times over the past thirty years. Most of his financial difficulties were due to his large casino operations that performed poorly. There have been four former United States Presidents that have filed for bankruptcy protection. Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Thomas Jefferson (twice), and Ulysses S. Grant all filed for protection prior to leading our nation. It is funny to note that all four Presidents have been featured on some form of currency. Lincoln is currently pictured on our penny, and $5 bill. Ulysses Grant is featured on our $50 bill and was also pictured on several gold coins. Jefferson is the President that is on our $2 bill and also the nickel. Lastly McKinley is featured on the

$500 bill and on several gold coins. McKinley is also the namesake for the highest mountain peak in the United States.

A New Beginning:

With Potential for a Bright Future:

I could write a fifty page article on all of the people who have filed for bankruptcy prior to going on to achieve great successes. The Founding Father’s of our nation new that bad things can happen to good people, and when that does happen they need and deserve a fresh start financially. Once you have made the decision to file for bankruptcy you will need to figure out which chapter is right for you; this can be done with some research and hard work. Should this task prove to be much too time consuming or difficult for you, don’t fret, there are a plethora of bankruptcy attorneys that specialize in only doing bankruptcy law and other debt filings.

Bankruptcy Is NOT That Bad – Despite What You May Hear:

There’s countless horror stories circulating the web about how terrible bankruptcy is. Well, the truth of the matter is that bankruptcy is not that bad. Sure, your credit score will suffer for several years; but in the end, you will have your bad debts discharged and a fresh start to a bright financial future. The celebrities above are only a small sample of the millions of ordinary people who have accomplished this task.

Raul Gardner

Raul Gardner is the co-author of Balance Of Power and has contributed to various journals over the years. He also works with several charitable organizations such as the Mayo Clinic.



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