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The futon originated in Japan and was a cushioned mattress that was placed on the floor for sleeping but could be folded away during the day. This allowed the room to be used for other functions than just as sleep quarters.

More recently in the western world the term has come to be used to describe a bed which can then be folded up into a sofa or chair during the day. It’s usually made with a wooden or metal framework. Generally, the frame folds in the middle, letting the futon to be used as a sofa, and flattens for use as a bed.

It’s normally full of foam in addition to battening, commonly in several layers, and is often much thicker and larger than Japanese futons, resembling a traditional mattress in size. Western-style futons are an affordable alternative to a bed or other furniture, and in many cases are sold in sets that include the mattress and frame. Futons normally feature a removable and replaceable cover, adding them more versatility.

Futon Mattress- Your first consideration when searching for a futon is to consider the type of mattress that you want. Your main alternatives are cotton or foam or a mix. For in-depth information on futons for sale go to this website. If your futon is going to be used mainly as a bed then you should go for a thicker futon mattress. However, if the goal would be to simply have it as an emergency backup bed for unexpected visitors then you could likely get away with a thinner mattress and so saving money.

If you mean to be using it both a couch and a bed this means that you will be folding and unfolding it on a regular basis. In this event you need a flexible futon mattress such as an internal spring of cotton polyester mattress. Another alternative that you could consider in this situation is a foam mattress. Futon Mattress Cover. It’s recommended to when you buy a futon to additionally invest in a mattress cover which will help protect the mattress from stains and dirt and will maybe extend the life of your futon mattress.

Before you buy a futon you should assess the wall clearance on the framework. Make sure that there is enough room for the futon to fully open in the room you intend to set it. Some futons open flush to the wall whilst others need to be pulled away from the wall before being opened.

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